Life Map Assessment, Reading & Energy Work

I was at a point in my life that I wasn’t sure which road to take. I contacted Gagan, and she suggested a Life Map Assessment & Reading for me. When we spoke I was WOWed by the accuracy of her reading — Gagan was very spot on in many of the details of my life. She helped me change my perspective on some of the routes I was choosing and helped me get focused. This reading helped me to be BOLD and make some hard changes in my life, which meant saying NO to people that had used me and my talents. She also made me aware of health decisions I needed to make, along with some core relationship and career decisions.

I would highly recommend Gagan to help you “Unfold Your Success.” Gagan is impressive in every sense of the word — she is a fantastic mother, friend, professional woman, and a miraculous mentor. She does nothing halfway. Gagan is straightforward in a gentle way. She guides and enables you to achieve greatness. Today, I am walking on my path, in the spotlight, that has brought happiness and health to me along with opening doors to recognition and success.

— Tina Henderson

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