I have known Gagan since 2005. She has the exceptional talent for visual communications, has an inspirational presence and delivery to invoke desired behaviors in keynote presentations, teaching concepts and in consulting with businesses and clients. I believe that her skills and experience make her an exceptional branding expert, coach, and trainer.

During the time I have known Gagan, we have worked on several projects where she created the visual identity and design pieces including logos, color palettes and font selections and customizations to express the brand and resonate with the client’s intended target market and community. Her design pieces were remarkable, and customers oozed with compliments for the results.

When working with Gagan her enthusiasm, skill and eye for seeing new opportunities is an asset for any entrepreneur, organization or team. She throws herself deep into every project and digs to catapult the results to a higher level than the client expectations.

I have worked on small and large projects with Gagan. She is outstanding in understanding the scope of every size project and communicating the process to manage both the consulting team members and client for phenomenal results. Her passion for her work shows from start to finish. She raises the level of work of all those involved through her dedication to excellence, contagious positive outlook, and commitment to upholding the highest moral standards.

I believe Gagan would be a tremendous asset to lead, project-manage, and create remarkable authentic brand assets for any organization or entrepreneur.

  • Client Details Ph.D., RDN Part Time Instructor at Benedictine University and Mansfield University, Founder Social Media More with Less
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