The Journey That Keeps Getting Better

My working experience with Gagan has been and continues to be outstanding. When Gagan mentioned to me she wanted to work with me on branding; I thought I knew what branding was. Now, I know I had no idea how different and comprehensive her approach would be.

Gagan walked me through each step of the branding process. I thought I only needed a logo, a business card, and a PPT template so I could take care of it myself. True to her word, she walked me through each element in her branding process. Since we have known each other well for over ten years, she started with a comprehensive numerology chart with me. Each client is different, and she takes that into consideration in her process. Gagan listens to what you want, your business, and your target market and shapes the branding process that is perfect for only you. She is a master graphic artist and has an eye for what is right. You learn to trust her professional judgment and expertise. She chose a color palette that reflected the best of me, a photo shoot, website slider images, font section, logo, presentation deck and so much more.

The personal benefits have been many. I have learned so much about myself. I have changed my wardrobe and accessories to reflect my brand. The reaction from the public has been overwhelmingly positive and unexpected. I am clear from Gagan’s process that I am on the right path. This realization and awareness have been priceless to me. At this point in our journey, I just say Gagan you know what is best and I trust you to decide and take care of it! It truly does not get better than that in our busy world today.

The accuracy of her cosmic readings, the numerology report and her intuitive powers have been spot on. I now look forward to what is yet to come. What I know is that most people have tried marketing themselves for their business and spent money in doing so with no results. I can thoroughly recommend Unfold Your Spark Personal Branding to change your results and get you on the right path. Once you do, you will not regret your choice.

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