The Missing Link

Have you ever felt an instant spark with someone and known in your heart that the product or service in front of you is the missing link that you have been seeking or it is the answer to your prayers! Well, in April of 2014, I met Cheri Tree and that is exactly how I felt.

I fell in love with Cheri’s dynamic personality, speaking style, and above all her BANK system that identifies the buying behavior of your client in less than 90 seconds! The effectiveness and depth of her BANK methodology are unbelievable. San Francisco State University’s white paper research study scientifically proves that BANK predicts buying behavior.

My journey with Cheri Tree started as a client of BANK Personality Profiling System. As I was learning and applying BANK, in my day-to-day life, I began to see a drastic increase in my relationship, communication and sales velocities. Soon, I had the business metrics to even prove that growth. My closing ratio went from 21% to 95% in a year, and I started to be known as a Master Closer.

Beyond sales and closing ratios, I was more fascinated with BANK in improving communication, negotiation, presentation and education — the four elements that can Unfold any business’ or entrepreneur’s success. I saw improvements in leadership capacities, presentation styles, relationships at all levels, Finally, I had found a tool that could be used in multifaceted ways. I was beyond thrilled.

Then one day, Cheri invited me to be on her executive team as her VP of Training Development & Curriculum Writing with the rebranding, rewriting her curriculum, project management, and coaching her certified trainers as my top responsibilities. We did some fantastic jobs, record-breaking events, and sky-rocketing projects together during my time with BANKCODE.

I am forever grateful to Cheri Tree for giving me the opportunity to directly and indirectly serve and impact her audiences and for trusting me with her Intellectual Property and company brand.
Gagan Sarkaria.

  • Category VP of Training, Development & Curriculum Writing | Branding
  • Client Details Founder, CEO of BANKCODE
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