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According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, ‘healing’ (noun), means the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. Well, who would not want to be healthy in today’s world, which is full of various kinds of stresses and illnesses? A few years ago, the world around us was not ready to openly discuss or embrace the wisdom that is available for us. Healing, energy work, metaphysical approaches, holistic medicine were all a “covert affair.” Things are different today, and people are more open to alternative modalities, methods and holistic lifestyle and wellness from a personal and professional standpoint. I offer soulful mentoring that heals. I teach how to transform your pain into prosperity! Discover Your Soulcode and learn how to rise, exceed, inspire and transform in life, business, relationships or health.

With over 25 years of diverse experience, and through the knowledge and wisdom of metaphysical sciences, I have been able to create some miraculous transformations. My personal health and wellness of my family members, clients, and colleagues have become my testimonies especially during extremes phases of stress caused by life altering moments like sickness, surgery, loss of income or loss of family members. My shock came in 2008 after finding out that my 5-year-old daughter was “almost blind,” as the Opthamologist said, in her right eye due to acute astigmatism and as a parent, I had no clue. Her vision then was 65/45 instead of 20/20. Later in 2011 losing my 62-year-old father to depression, lack of happiness, ill health, and diabetes it became apparent to me that I need to embrace my giftedness and decipher my soulcode to a purposeful journey!

When I was pregnant with my third child, I created a paradigm shift that was not welcomed in the corporate world, and when the economy crashed, I was let go from my Director of Faculty Development position in November of 2011. I had the wellness focus and the desire to create a healthier balance in the workplace, but workplace wellness was not an embraced concept back then, and I lived it for years. I fell in love with my work of helping others find their inner guide that would unleash their inner champion!

Today, my journey has taken me on a path where as a healer and spiritual coach, I remove energy blockages, traumas in people’s lives, and provide a step-by-step personalized approach on ‘HOW to Bridge the Gap’ between the unknown and known so they can “Unfold Their Success” and achieve prosperity.

Heart-centered Hypnotherapy

Heart-Centered-Hypnotherapy approaches therapy from a genuinely caring and dynamically healing perspective. I embrace the concepts of self-determination and the belief that every client contains, deeply within their subconscious mind, the key to their own individual health and healing.

My Magic Wand

Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS), and my ancient wisdom are my magic wand(s) through which I can create miraculous healing transformations. ZWDS is the Chinese astrological calculative tool that I use to Discover Your Soulcode. As an expert ZWDS reader, I can help reveal messages from your past and future to coach, heal, consult and brand your present (and personal presence) more accurately and confidently!

Based upon what ZWDS reveals, which is individualized information to each client, I create a personalized step-by-step plan to coach & teach! From Herbology to heart-centered Hypnotherapy, from crystals and Feng Shui to high achievement coaching, from mantras to meditation, from diet analysis to decluttering, from reflexology to Reiki & Galactic healing modalities, from personal business branding to business consulting!

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