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Mariana Olvera

Order Fulfillment Specialist & A single-mom, Lewisville, TX

I have been an epilepsy patient for 29 years. I had 2-5 seizures every day. I was sick and tired of medicines with not much improvement. Then I met GG. She did two Reiki healings and intuitive coaching sessions for me. I felt an immediate shift in my state of mind, and health. A week later I enrolled in her 8-month soulful mentoring program. In six sessions, I accomplished results that I had not achieved in 20 years. I have gone down to having 1-2 seizures in 7 to 14 days. My neurologist lowered the dosage of my prescription medications. Gagan’s healing and mentoring have brought incredible changes in my life at all levels. I feel more confident and have found the courage to express myself authentically. I am calmer, smile more, and have more energy to battle my stress on a daily basis. GG is an excellent healer and an amazing spiritual teacher. My colleagues and friends have started noticing the change in me as well. I sleep peacefully, like a baby each night, something that I have not done in a very long time. Three months into the program, I went three weeks without having a seizure. I am grateful to GG for assisting me on my transformational journey to better health. I highly recommend Gagan Sarkaria for her healing and soulful mentoring.

Lilly Witherspoon

A wife, mom & friend, Lewisville, TX

About six years ago I was diagnosed with Scleroderma.With all the pain and changes in life, I usually only get to sleep for about 4 hours every night. I have known Gagan since our kids were in Kindergarten. Two weeks ago, I told Gagan about my pain and health related issues. She did an energy healing session and removed some blockages. I went home and slept for 10 hours, not one but two consecutive nights. I have not felt this relaxed in years. I have had this wound on my finger for 5.5 months, which has not healed with ointments. Gagan made an herbal paste for application and did healing work on my finger. Three applications of her herbal paste on my wound and I saw a scab on it. The pain is drastically less now. I am super excited and looking forward to receiving coaching and advice from Gagan. I highly recommend her integrative health practice.

Dr. Kim Nugent

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Board-Member, Houston, TX

I recently experienced my first episode of vertigo. I went to my doctor and got medicine to help provide relief. What I found was that the medication only made my condition worse, it also added side effects that my stomach could not handle. Fortunately, I shared my situation with Gagan after three days of dealing with vertigo and getting worse. She suggested a long distance Energy Healing session. I have never done anything like this but was open to any relief possible. Late on Saturday, Gagan conducted a distant energy healing session for me. She sensed and picked up pain and blockages in my knee, heart chakra, and eyes, and gave me some food for thought that was causing vertigo. The information she revealed was something that I had not shared with her before receiving the healing session. My right knee had been bothering me for a few days now, and even though I do not wear any reading glasses, my vision had been blurry. She energetically received all that information while doing the healing session and channeling information to guide me further.

Gagan gave me a perspective and energy to heal much faster without any medication. She made me dig deep and achieve better healing results. The bottom line is that within 4 hours, all the side effects from the western medicine dissipated and in the morning the majority of the vertigo was gone. It was the first day in four days I could function. I cannot explain it how she did it but should it ever happen again, Gagan will be the first person I contact. I cannot thank her enough for the gift that she is to me!


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