Gagan Sarkaria

Gagan Sarkaria is a High Achievement Wellness & Business Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Writer, Author & highly sought after Personal Branding Expert that transforms lives through heart-led talents. Gagan’s secret tools are her spiritual awareness and expertise in the fields of energy work, Numerology, and Feng Shui. Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) and Nine Star Ki are the Chinese astrological calculative tools that Gagan uses to Discover Your Soulcode. As an expert ZWDS reader, Gagan can help reveal messages from your past and future to coach, heal, consult and brand your present (and personal presence) more accurately and confidently! Together with Gagan, you can unlock your dreams and desires, and transform your pain into prosperity.

From being born in a third world country to achieving success in a first world country. From English as a fourth language to being a US corporate organization’s top three trainers. From a University’s Assistant Creative Director to a College’s Faculty Development Director. From being disempowered in a patriarchal society to empowering thousands with her story, struggles, and strength. Gagan gives her audience and clients hope, guidance, ancient wisdom, enthusiastic skills to creatively solving problems and strategically applying her step-by-step approaches to unfolding personal successes! She is famous for perseverance and unleashing your inner champion at the face of adversity and assists you in becoming a High Achiever. With a multitude of experiences in the muddy waters of life, Gagan is a true Fighter, Survivor and an Achiever!

Gagan’s transformational and results-oriented coaching, consulting and courses are strength-based, growth-focused, & success-driven. She is the Founder & CEO of Unfold Your Success, LLC, an elite consulting company where she teaches young adults, focused professionals, & growing businesses how to ‘Unfold Your Success’ so you can “Raise your Benchmarks, Exceed your Targets, & Inspire your Teams.”

Gagan is passionate about transforming life from pain into prosperity, whether it is a pain in your profession, business, relationships or even health. She has over 16 years of coaching experience, profound knowledge of the Vedic and Oriental wisdom, and uses evidence-based techniques for achieving inner peace, wellness, and business success. Gagan removes energy blockages, provides a step-by-step personalized approach on ‘HOW to Bridge the Gap’ between the unknown and known so you can “Unfold Your Success” and achieve prosperity. Gagan’s success stories include client transformations that defy the boundaries of Western medicine, mainstream coaching and consulting. Her methodology and approach are deep rooted in ancient wisdom, reverse-engineered for faster results.

Gagan holds an M.F.A. in Communication Design, an M.B.A in Management, and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. She is a certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Galactic Healer, and Heart-centered Hypnotherapist. She is a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, and a Licensed BANKCODE Master Sales Trainer. Gagan is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences (Msc.D), focusing in Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, and Integrative Health Practice.


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