Embracing Her Soulful Path

Listen To Your Inner Silence

Manusmriti, an Ancient Vedic Manuscript, describes that spiritual growth, abundance, prosperity, and contentment arrive/exist where women are honored. To unleash your inner champion, you need cosmic guidance, spiritual wisdom that can assist in awakening your inner guide.

At age four, I got lost in a crowd at the Golden Temple in India. I can remember panicking for a moment and them having this inner calm, confidence and knowing that everything will be all right and that my grandmother will soon find me. So she did. Every night, sleeping under the stars on our terrace, in India, I would deeply contemplate the meaning of life, and where was I suppose to go. During the hot summer months, when there was no electricity or when it was extremely humid to have that fresh air on the terrace, I would look at the moon and the stars for assurance and guidance that all is well. Indeed, everything was well and perfect. In that seeking, I discovered that all the answers we long for are already inside us. We can get to that information if we choose to calm down, know how to Awaken Our Inner Guide and finally learn to listen to our inner silence. For over four decades, I have always known things, somehow, and over the period learned not to question this knowingness. Then I found out that I am a Claircognizant, highly intuitive.

I have used my high intuitive skills (in this western world of multiple quotient intelligence) in teaching, coaching, training, designing and finally in healing and wellness too. I skillfully and compassionately weave various modalities and techniques to transform lives through heart-led talents. I thrive on building people, teams, and businesses — at deeper, personal, professional and spiritual levels. I love to Unfold Your Spark, to fold and score peoples’ mindsets, behaviors, and skill sets to achieve individual transformational results. Just like in origami, one would take a flat, two-dimensional piece of paper to fold and score it, over a few steps to then create a beautiful, transforming three-dimensional paper object like a lotus flower. To grow people, to build them, one has to go through an origami-steps-like plan to accomplish life-changing results. I firmly believe that owning our choices and loving ourselves through the process of change is the most courageous thing we will ever do.

I believe in living life holistically: Clarity in Head, Purity in Heart, Sincerity in Hands and Dependability in Health are the four elements that will #UnfoldYourSuccess.

My coaching style, personal philosophies, and knowledge are acquired through generations, cultural upbringing, continuous research, and personal explorations. I have been studying metaphysics, and its ancient sister sciences — Numerology, Semiotics, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Yoga, Mediation, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Readings, Herbology, and Ayurveda — since childhood, and now Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences and Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui complete the circle. My present-day clients attest the accuracy and power of my soulful mentoring that stimulates and accelerates growth & healing in their life. My high achievement coaching unleashes their inner champion and teaches them how to mesmerize, magnetize and monetize their efforts to unfold their success.

Philanthropy: My goal is to open mind, body, soul wellness centers inside organizations to combat stress, anxiety, traumas and sickness to improve talent, performance, and productivity. To teach and show employees and leaders how to overcome emotional and physical energy imbalances that are holding people back from realizing their full potential and sense of vitality, well-being. Also, to open centers outside the workplace, especially for women and individuals who cannot afford self-care, health care, and wellness in various parts of the world.

To make that dream a reality, I will donate 10% of what I earn towards that trust fund. If you wish to donate, contribute more or have inquiries about it, please feel free to contact me.


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