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Inspire to be the Change

Gagan’s motto is Transforming Lives Through Heart-led Talents. As the Founder & CEO of Unfold Your Success, Gagan passionately teaches young adults, focused professionals & growing organizations how to Unfold their Success so they can Raise their Benchmarks, Exceed their Targets, & Inspire their Teams. Her consulting, training and writings are Strength-based, Growth-focused, & Success-driven.

Through her energetic, conversational style speaking and training, Gagan empowers her audiences to reorganize, refocus & regroup to achieve higher productivity, new performance records, soaring employee & team morale. She “Inspires to be the Change” specializing in communication, negotiation, presentation and education.

Winning numerous service, design, research awards, Gagan has spoken at regional, national & international conferences. She has spent the past 18 years studying courage, empathy, worthiness, & perception. Her academic research entails cognitive analysis of cross-cultural semiotic influences on mankind’s ability to perceive, act, & change.

Gagan offers consulting & courses along with tools, training, & tuneups to Unfold Your Success supporting your personal, professional, business & organizational growth through the study, & step-by-step practical application of leadership development, communication strategies, & sales training methods that support your logical thinking processes & empower your intuitive side.

Gagan is a part of the elite John Maxwell Team and holds an active license to teaching Dr. John C. Maxwell’s leadership curriculum. For over 25 years, Gagan has persistently INSPIRED to be the CHANGE. She is a fighter, survivor, and an achiever. She is passionate about how to increase communications and be growth-focused. As a servant-leader, she thrives on building people, teams, and businesses — at deeper, personal, professional and spiritual levels. She loves to fold and score their mindsets, behaviors, and skill sets to achieve unique transformational results. Just like in origami, one would take a flat, two-dimensional piece of paper to fold and score it, over a few steps to then create a beautiful, transforming three-dimensional paper object like a lotus flower. To grow people, to build them, one has to go through an origami-steps-like plan to accomplish life-changing results. She strongly believes that owning our choices and loving ourselves through the process of change is the most courageous thing we will ever do.

“Let your prospect determine your presentation.” — Tony Robbins

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Learn the methodology from the genius herself — Cheri Tree, author and creator of B.A.N.K. Personality Profiling Science. Cheri teaches virtually, (BANKCODE.COM/Gagan), and Gagan coaches how to apply Cheri Tree’s scientific breakthrough, and step-by-step system that predicts buying behavior and shows you how to master the art of persuasion, negotiation, and conversion to increase your communication, sales and relationship velocities.


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