Coaching Praise

Susie Tremblay-Brown

PR Specialist & A Single-mom, California, USA

I approached Gagan Sarkaria because she had the credentials I sought in a Life and Business Coach and a Metaphysical Healer. Gagan Sarkaria is a person of grand integrity, and I truly respect her business acumen. I had the privilege of working with Gagan in another business and saw her talents shine in the work she produced for that company. I knew she was the person I wanted to work with, without any doubt.

Gagan helped coach and heal me during a very painful time in my life. I was stuck and unable to move forward. My long-term relationship had just come to an end with my life and business partner. I had to separate all ties I had with him. I felt hurt and abandoned in both my relationship and business. Gagan listened with an open space for me. I never felt judged even when I was sharing things that I was embarrassed about. I needed strength, guidance, and healing and that is what she delivered. I was in physical as well as emotional pain and found it extremely hard to focus on my responsibilities. Gagan alleviated my physical pain through her Reiki healing and integrative health practice. Through her intuitive readings, channeling, and cosmic wisdom she discovered old wounds and past traumas that I thought I had healed decades ago through other seminars and personal development work. Apparently, I had not healed properly and carried the pain for 47 years. Gagan’s discovery allowed energetic blockages to be removed so that I could authentically and courageously start to walk my personal journey. She offered me soulful guidance to heal on a deeper level so that I could move past the physical pain to be able to take the next steps in my transformation. One thing I really appreciated about her style was she never told me what I must do but made sure I was aware of my own “free will” and how my resulted outcome created would equal the effort I exerted at each juncture of our coaching!

I have found the experience of working with Gagan Sarkaria to be remarkably transformational. She is amazingly authentic, and that cannot be manufactured. I am forever grateful to be on this journey of higher consciousness, wellness, prosperity, and achievement for myself with Gagan as my coach. I am continuing my work with her, and will happily report again in 12 months.

Gagan is a true healer and a transformational coach. I highly recommend her high achievement coaching, integrative health practice, and her Unfold Your Success programs to people who want to heal and get unstuck in their business or personal affairs. As for me, I needed healing to rid me of my physical and emotional pains, move past my false beliefs and gain clarity. With the new awareness and clarity, my success followed and is continuing to unfold.

Jasmin Kuster

High-Performance Coach, Santa Clara, CA

Gagan is one of the finest, authentic coaches I have encountered. She takes my learning to a higher level with her regular sessions & calls. These calls give me new, cutting-edge tools and techniques, some to implement quickly, and others that need some process on my end first. All give me the opportunity to take my business to the next level. The high quality of content and her expertise stimulate my creativity, personal growth, and ‘that’ is helping me build solid business relationships. Since I am working on my self-mastery, it is helping me develop my competence and confidence so that I can contribute my best to my business success.

Amber Scott

Massage Therapist & A Single-mom, California, USA

Wow, Gagan! Your cosmic guidance email was exceptional and so on par. It all makes sense now, and I see how Divinely it has been laid out. Your wisdom and forecasted intuitive reading have been very accurate. Your guidance and channeling work is amazing! I have come home to find challenges that have lit a fire in my belly to relocate. It is NOT ok to continue living next to a very toxic and seemingly mentally ill person who has begun infringing on my space. I am going to head south, parting from my northern CA roots for some period. I do not know how I am going to make it happen, but I hand it over to the Divine to arrange. I hope to receive your Weekly Wisdom and intuitive readings that will give me an added advantage and encouragement to follow my purpose in life and support me through the cosmic guidance! Thank you for your valuable insights!

Bobby Lonergan

CPC, A husband, father, and Talent Coach for Millennials, Dallas, TX, USA

I wish I could bottle up all the knowledge and coaching that exists inside of Gagan and drink it regularly. A dear friend referred me to Gagan. I have been blown away by the accuracy and depth of knowledge that Gagan can communicate in her Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map readings! She is spot on. So far her calculations have been very impressive! I keep visualizing it all happening. She has infused so much confidence and focus in me that I am bouncing off the walls with excitement. Finally, I have a High Achievement Coach who is not only willing to mentor me but has the courage to stop me from deviating and going in a direction that is not my destiny! I appreciate her and all of her wisdom so much!

Abel Zuniga

Packaging & Delivery Worker, A Single-dad, Dallas, TX

I have felt lost for years with no fulfillment in my current job! GG is my fiancé health and wellness coach. With all her experiences, degrees, certifications and knowledge of business coaching, she was my first choice to seek advice from. Gagan had nudged me a few times to take care of my health as she would intuitively pick up my pain. I even did some healing work with her that gave me immediate relief. Well, health had not been my focus, changing career had been. Therefore, I reached out to GG. Her first suggestion was to do my Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Map Reading. I have to say she has revealed information that is so personal to me and hearing her calculations validates that I reached out to the right coach for mentorship! She told me that currently, I am in my “Family and Children’s Sector” and until I focus on my family and health, career shift and entrepreneurship will not thrive. Two days after she did my reading, my fiancé and I found out that we were pregnant. If you are looking for a blueprint to help you navigate through your ups and downs in life, you must reach out to Gagan and get your life map reading done.


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