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Bridging The Gap

I believe four core elements can unfold any entrepreneur, business or organization’s success. These four elements are communication, negotiation, presentation, and education. As a high achievement coach, soulful mentor and branding expert, I consistently aspire to bridge the gap between all four elements for my clients. My purpose is to transform lives through heart-led talents, to elevate YOU to new heights, and create irresistible personal brands and visual identity systems that have an exclusive brand advantage for you and your company.

I create distinctive visual language and presentation designs that authentically communicate client’s message assisting them to stand out in the most competitive environment. I am dedicated to excellence and focused on achieving specific outcomes for my clients!

What is a Brand?

The terms “brand and branding” are some of the most confused and ubiquitous words in today’s business jargon. Very few understand their true meaning and differences. Branding is often, inappropriately used, interchangeably with the word brand, but they signify different things.

Let me start by sharing what a BRAND is not. It is not: • Your logo • Your colors • Your tagline • Your product or service

All these are parts and expressions of your brand, but they do not define the brand.

We here at Unfold Your Success define BRAND as:
A living entity, formed, shaped, enhanced or damaged cumulatively over time. A brand is the outcome of many small actions, experiences, and memories that you create with your client. It is a promise, a memorable experience that you plan to deliver consistently to your customer, every time they interact with you, your product/service and company. Brand eventually is what people talk about you behind your back. It becomes your credibility and trustworthiness built over time.

What is Branding?

Branding is the art and process of unfolding your success by discovering your spark. Then aligning it visually, verbally, and non-verbally with what YOU want your target audience to think about your company. The paramount benefit of branding is that it creates value by combining your image with people’s perceptions about you, your product, service, and company and vice-versa, thus making it easier for you to attract the right client. The designs generated during branding process are functional, aesthetically intriguing, and perfect in visual language and layout. Branding also assists in creating good design, which is the amalgamation of clear thinking, creative problem-solving! When done right, Visual-Storytelling is the most influential and innovative result of authentic branding that transforms your online presence and business ultimately unleashing growth and prosperity!

My Magic Wand:
Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS), and my ancient wisdom are my magic wand(s) through which I can create miraculous branding transformations. ZWDS is the Chinese astrological calculative tool that I use to Discover Your Soulcode. As an expert ZWDS reader, I can help reveal messages from your past and future to coach, heal, consult and brand your present (and personal presence) more accurately and confidently! Together we can unlock your dreams and desires, and transform your pain into prosperity.

Unfold Your Spark:
Unfold Your Spark is a structured, results-oriented, personal business branding program to unleash growth and prosperity. In this elite program, we aspire to create the visual language of excellence for each client to elevate them to new heights!

This program includes soulful mentoring that will guide you to rise, exceed, inspire and transform by digging deep for your authentic story. The business coaching includes guidance and sharing of tools, techniques, and technologies that assist in unfolding your spark!

The result is to teach you how to create your exceptional and irresistible brand experience with your target audience, design your visual language, visual identity system, and all branding assets needed for social media platforms, web-optimized files, and focused print-ready marketing materials for specific client outcomes.

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